mass awareness

The leprosy is one of the oldest diseases of mankind and has a social dimension. In both eastern and western cultures, fear of the disease has existed from the ancient times. This is the only disease, which creates socio-economic problems of the society. The impairments and deformities caused by leprosy are the main cause for the well complex of the social reaction commonly known as stigma. This stigma is main factor causing great hindrance in the diagnosis of the disease. In other diseases proper treatment of the ailing patient could check the spreading of the disease but for illiteracy about leprosy it is not possible for the public to conceive that leprosy is not an infectious disease. In case of leprosy only treatment cannot do much to cure the patient. Complete recovery and rehabilitation of the patient is dependent on the social understanding and the status of the patient. To eliminate leprosy fighting against to social stigma is equally important as the treatment of the diseased. Education is the only means to fight against social stigma of leprosy.

To achieve the goal of eradication of leprosy early diagnosis of the disease is utmost essential and creation of public awareness is the only tool to involve community.