India is, next only to China, the second largest country in terms of population in the world where more than 65% of the population does not have any access to health care facilities.  The situation is worse in rural areas where around 70 per cent of our population lives.  ‘Health for all’ by 2020 was a commitment made in our  National Health Policy in 1983 still remains far from reality.

This R & D organization, SOCIETY FOR WELFARE OF THE HANDICAPPED PERSONS, Durgapur, West Bengal  has been involved in research  in the field of Homoeopathic System of Medicine for last two decades for treatment of neuropathy and trophic ulcer caused by the diseases like leprosy and Diabetes Mellitus. Remarkable success has been recorded in the treatment of such ailments where allopathic system of medicine does have limitations.

The success so far achieved by this organization has been possible with the active supports from different organization like Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi and Durgapur Steel plant (SAIL). Now the organization initiated a programme for prevention and control of disability in leprosy affected persons who have been released from Multi Drug Therapy and are suffering from different residual effects like loss of pigmentation, chronic ulcers, peripheral anesthesia, nerve paralysis and other secondary complications. A large number of leprosy affected persons have been getting treatment through the different Research and Extension Centres located in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Maharastra, Utarakhand and West Bengal absolutely free of cost. So far 41000 disabled persons suffering from neuropathy and ulcer have been brought under healthcare service.

To strengthen our activities, creation of self dependant research facilities is essential. Very recently our organization has been recognized as CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE by the  Ministry of Health & family Welfare, Government of India  for undertaking clinical research in the field of prevention of disability. The INSTITUTE OF HEALTH STUDIES & REHABILITATION has been established under this organization to cater service as a Centre of Excellence.

To promote the objective of this organisation, the Government of India has also granted  approval under section 35 subsection 1 (ii) of the Income Tax Act 1961(Notified in The Gazette of India, New Delhi 16 March 2008,No 31/2008F.No 203/42/2007-ITA-  II)

We strongly feel that without your active  support we  cannot move forward.

Sponsorship for infrastructure development in Durgapur


  1. Construction of clinical research building in Durgapur  (5000 sq ft area/ One floor. * (5 nos floor)


  1. Construction of   clinical research building, one floor (5000sq feet area) *


c)  Construction  for one room*


  1. Construction of seminar hall*



  1. Sponsor for equipment for setting up Diagnostic facilities *



Contribution towards corpus fund for furtherance of clinical research **



Sponsor for an Ambulance including equipment & fittings for carrying patients in need.  **



Sponsor for a mobile health care unit* (for treatment and primary pathological test and for biological sample collection in distant rural areas) **

Rs 8,30,000.00


Sponsor Tele-medicine facilities. The computer network will be establish in  different Research & extension centre which will be connected to referral centre. The patients in need will get access to consultant specialist doctors from this centre **


Programme based sponsorship


Sponsor for dressing materials, footwear  and medicine cost Rs10,000/month for100 patients annually **



Free medicine supply for the patient of different leprosy colonies , and villages Rs 200.00 for one patient (100 individual) under research programme  for one year**



Organizing medical camp in tribal areas**



Pathological test for routine haematology and  blood
glucose, lipid profile and other tests  (1000 case) **



Sponsor  to meet food expenses of 30 patients( in  indoor)   for one  day



Sponsor Cost of treatment, food  and others for one leprosy cured disabled    

Rs4000.00 for one month and Rs48,000.00 for one year

* The Floor/Ward will be named by the donor
**The service will be dedicated in the name of the donor